Top 5 Iconic lingerie & music video combinations

Music and lingerie go together like peanut butter and jelly (and just like peanut butter and jelly, these two ingredients are sure to add a little excitement to any plain bun). 

And really, is there anything better than blasting your favourite tune from the speakers, throwing on your sassiest pair of undies, and dancing around the house like no one is watching?

Alternatively, if you too have recently been somewhat inspired by the 'Hustlers' movie featuring Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, dance for someone as they watch you bust a move (whatever you feel like girl, we don't judge). 

Below, we list the best lingerie moments in music videos to give you a little inspiration for whatever mood you're in. 

1. If you're feeling Sexy & Sensuous 


An oldie but a goodie; directed by Sofia Coppola and set to music by the White Stripes, 'I just don't know what to do with myself' features a seductive Kate Moss pole dancing the British way (also known as, very politely - no twerking to be seen here). Kate dons a gorgeous yet simple black bralette set - proving that the wow factor can come purely from you, no glitter or burlesque attire required. 

A runner up in this category? Chris Isaak - Wicked games. OK - there is not much lingerie on display here, but it is a great song to writhe about to. 


2. If you're in need of some Girl Power & Good Vibes only 

If you're unlike Kate Moss and feel like you know exactly what to do with yourself, you may be in the mood to pick up the tempo and join the Lizzo party. 

"Slow songs, they for skinny hoes
Can't move all of this here to one of those
I'm a thick bitch, I need tempo (tempo)
Fuck it up to the tempo"

Not only does this song feature the amazing Missy Elliot, but it also comes with the ultimate #BadAssBitch outfit combo: lingerie and fur coats. In typical Lizzo fashion though, it's served up to us with all the bells & whistles: sparkles galore on the lingerie set and an electric blue fur coat (the motto here seems to be 'blind 'em as you twerk'). 


Other Lizzo favourites include "Juice" which features a marabou / corset dress combo that has us seeing green with jealousy. 



3. If you're feeling even badder than a 100% that bitch 

We all know that money is the one accessory that never goes out of style whatever the season. If payday was recent and you feel like celebrating your bank account, Cardi B has you covered with her hit 'Money'. Featuring lots of nudity and the occasional sparkly lingerie set, this is the song of choice to shake it whilst you make it. 


4. When you feel like shocking the Deliveroo guy


Sometimes you're not in the mood to commit to leaving the house, but still want to be admired and worshipped. This is when you bust the ultimate Mariah Carey move (something we like to call the 'bait and ditch'). Call whomever you're not interested in (the food delivery man, the IT guy, the gardening guy - anyone you do not plan on dating will do really). Open the door in your sexiest lingerie ensemble a la Mariah and proceed to roll your eyes at any compliment you receive ("oh what this old thing? I just happen to walk around in suspenders & heels all day long"). 

Touch My Body – Mariah Carey


5. When you feel like the Queen of Pop


No music video / lingerie combo list would be complete without paying homage to the Queen herself, Beyonce.

Because whether you feel like having your own private little dance party, getting your groove on whilst getting ready with the girls, or giving an R-rated performance - Beyonce has got you covered. 

Our favourites?

- Suga Mama as the ultimate soundtrack for those of us who don't mind paying for the finer things in life (with the ultimate peek-a-boo bra moment)

Partition for those of us about to get it on. That doesn't necessarily mean even getting it on with a partner, some of the haute couture lingerie pieces in this video are hot enough to put a ring on themselves

- Yonce features not only a beat that is to die for, but also the most fun bra design we've seen in a long time