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20 Boudoir Wear Ideas to Spice up Your Boudoir Photoshoot

20 Boudoir Wear Ideas to Spice up Your Boudoir Photoshoot

20 Boudoir Wear Ideas to Spice up Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Are you ready to unleash your inner seductress and let her take centre stage? You know, that playful vixen who's been hiding, just waiting for her close-up? Boudoir photography is the perfect way to do just that—giving your inner goddess the spotlight she's been craving. And at Empress Mimi, we're all about helping you embrace the sultry, sensual, and downright fabulous side of yourself.

Get ready to unleash your inner goddess with a boudoir photography session that's all about confidence, self-love, and empowerment. And if you're wondering what "boudoir style" is all about, fear not—we're here to help you get cheeky and in touch with your inner Empress Mimi.

Boudoir style is all about embracing your femininity with confidence and sass. It's about shedding your inhibitions and owning every curve and contour of your body. It's about living in the moment and strutting your stuff like you own the world (because, darling, you do).

Boudoir photography is an opportunity for women everywhere to feel beautiful, confident, and empowered, and we can't wait for you to experience the tantalizing transformation!

A Little Boudoir Style Background

Boudoir photography can trace its sultry roots back to the roaring 1920s when photographers would set the scene in either their studios or lavish hotel rooms. In these flirtatious photo sessions, models would don their most alluring lingerie, or sometimes even go au naturel, to evoke a sense of subtle sensuality rather than outright vulgarity. It was all about the tease, darling!

Boudoir photography is your ticket to capturing intimate, sensual, and romantic images that will have you feeling like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe in a cozy, private setting like a bedroom, hotel room, or studio. The term "boudoir" comes from a French word meaning a woman's private room or dressing room. In photography, boudoir style is all about channeling your inner goddess with soft lighting, delicate fabrics, and poses that create a relaxed atmosphere, showcasing your natural beauty and sensuality.

The resulting images make for a fabulous personal gift to a significant other or lover to let them know that “You’re bringing sexy back!" Or, treat yourself to a celebration of your body and self-confidence that would make even Lizzo give you a standing ovation. So go ahead, strike a pose, and let your boudoir photoshoot be the pièce de résistance of self-love and empowerment!

Dress to Impress (Yourself) at a Boudoir Photoshoot :
What do you Wear to a Boudoir photoshoot?

@tallyallure in the blue Madame X Corset

When choosing the perfect outfit for your boudoir shoot, consider these tips to make sure you feel confident, comfortable, and oh-so-sexy:

Here are a few boudoir outfit idea that will help you choose what to wear in that special moment:

Flaunt your style: Pick an outfit that reflects your personal style and makes you feel like a million bucks. Go for classic elegance or dare to be bold—the choice is yours!

Set the scene: Consider the setting of your boudoir photoshoot when choosing your outfit. If you're surrounded by neutral tones at the photography studio, add a pop of color to really make a statement.

Show off your assets: Choose an outfit that flatters your body and highlights your favorite features. If you're proud of those legs, why not rock a sultry suspender and stockings combo? Likewise, a lace choker can draw attention to your elegant neck.

Accessorize to mesmerize: Glam up your outfit with jewelry, chokers, body chains, or other accessories that add that extra touch of fabulousness and sparkle.

Bring a wardrobe: Pack a few different outfit options for your boudoir session so you can find the perfect look on camera.

Move to the groove: Planning to dance or move in your boudoir photos? Include an outfit option that moves with you and creates eye-catching shimmer effects.

At Empress Mimi, we believe that boudoir photography is a fantastic way to indulge in self-love and empowerment. So go ahead, let your inner goddess shine, and make your boudoir experience one you'll never forget!

    20 Boudoir Outfits That Are the Icing on the Cake

    Welcome to our curated list of 20 Boudoir Outfits That Are the Icing on the Cake! Boudoir photography is an empowering and liberating experience that celebrates your body, sensuality, and self-confidence. But what truly brings this experience to life is the perfect ensemble that reflects your personality and style, making you feel like a million bucks. From classic to daring, romantic to playful, we've handpicked some of the most fabulous boudoir wear ideas that will leave you feeling like the ultimate queen you are. So, get ready to be inspired and find your perfect boudoir look that will add that extra dash of fabulousness to your intimate photoshoot.

    Let's dive in!

    1. Embellished Corsets. Channel your inner Marie Antoinette with embellished corsets that bring the drama to your boudoir sessions: the stunning and ornate detailing of the Madame X Corset will add an extra layer of sophistication that you’ll love. The Madame X Corset is très chic with sheer lace, fairytale sleeves that are as fashion forward as they are flattering, and playfully scattered tiny butterfly-diamantés that sparkle like the Eiffel Tower at night. Pick between the Blue or Lilac options and let them eat cake!

    Left: @leeenos in the Madame X corset in Blue, photographed by @bottleofbread | Right: @reedandweep in the Madame X corset in Lilac, photographed by @rkeartistry

    2. Fringe lingerie. Shimmy into the roaring '20s on your next boudoir session with fringe lingerie that'll make Gatsby green with envy. The Zazzy Zelda set is perfect for living out your flapper fantasies, have fun while you shimmy and sashay away in this playful set and be sure to get the ultimate 20s it-girl look with its matching eyepatch, choker, sleeves and suspender. Gleam in gold lingerie or bedazzle in a cowboy look in black—either way, you'll be the bee's knees!@cassidyskyephoto in the Zazzy Zelda Empress set in Black | @rubyroxxmodelofficial in the Zazzy Zelda Empress set in Gold, photographed by @sarahenglandphotography

    3. Lace bralette. Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot with a lace bralette that adds va-va-voom to your boudoir style. The delicate lace and intricate details of a lace bralette can create a soft and romantic look, while also showing off your curves. Choose between classic white or ivory for a timeless and classic boudoir look, or go green for a seductive twist. The delicate lace will have you feeling like a French film star in no time.@instaliene in the Jacqueline bralette

    4. Black velvet bodysuit. A black velvet bodysuit is a great choice for boudoir photography as it is both elegant and sensual. The texture of the velvet fabric will add a luxurious feel to your photos and the black color will create a dramatic and alluring look. When choosing a black velvet bodysuit for boudoir, it's important to consider the fit and style that flatters your body type. Look for a style that accentuates your curves and highlights your best features like the Serpentine bodysuit - a classic figure-fitting design featuring signature cutout details and snake embroidery for a sultry yet modern twist. This black velvet bodysuit is the ultimate way to flatter your figure. The garment's smooth finish creates an optical illusion of having an exaggerated hourglass figure without showing any creases or bulges. Embrace the mystique of mythology as you don the Serpentine bodysuit, this alluring piece will have you embodying the irresistible charm of a modern-day nymph, enchanting all who gaze upon your captivating beauty. Lights, camera, enchantment!

    @erikahausser in the Serpentine Reversible Bodysuit
    5. Satin chemise with plunging neckline. Feel like a femme fatale in the La Fee Verte slip dress, a silky satin number that drapes your body like liquid night. With Belle Époque inspired embroidery, this elegant piece is sure to add an irresistible take on boudoir styling. Perfect to wear after your boudoir session for a rendezvous at the Chateau Marmont.
    @jessicafang in the Le Fee Verte slip dress
    6. Mesh bralette and high-waisted panties. Channel your inner pin-up with the Between the Lines set, a romantic vintage-inspired lingerie combo that's as comfortable as it is flattering. This boudoir outfit is perfect for those who want to feel feminine and sexy without sacrificing comfort or support while exploring a variety of boudoir poses. The vertical detailing on the bralette adds a touch of simplicity and elegance, let the high-waisted panties give you that seamless silhouette you've always dreamed of. Strike a pose and strut your stuff.
    @ms_dimple93 in the Between the Lines set, photographed by @veraglassimagery
    7. Mesh babydoll with matching thong. Sweet meets sexy in this polka dot mesh, candy-colored babydoll adorned with 3D butterfly-diamantés. Paired with a matching thong, you'll be absolutely irresistible in your boudoir shoot. The see-through nature of the mesh robe adds a teasing allure, making it a contemporary love potion, darling!
    8. Velvet bralette with garters. The Midnight Sky blue velvet bralette and matching suspenders are a sultry combo that will make you feel like a rockstar. Blue velvet photographs beautifully in boudoir settings, as its rich hue and plush texture add depth and dimension to the images. By incorporating black accessories like a choker, thigh garters, and a suspender belt, you'll create a striking contrast and add an edgy vibe to your boudoir look. These darker elements not only enhance the overall appearance but also draw attention to your stunning outfit. Pair this captivating set with a tanga and black stockings for an edgy, rock-and-roll look that would make even Debbie Harry envious. Unleash your inner rock goddess and own the stage, or in this case, the boudoir!
    @oh_mon_dieu in the Midnight Sky Empress set 
    9. Satin robe. Channel Old Hollywood glamour by adding a satin robe to your fabulous boudoir album. In a boudoir setting, the satin robe like the Arigato kimono can be worn in different ways to create enticing and seductive looks. You might drape it over your shoulders, letting it fall slightly off one side to expose your bare skin. Alternatively, you can cinch the robe with a delicate satin sash at the waist to create an hourglass silhouette. Experimenting with different poses and movements while wearing the satin robe can add an extra layer of fun and intrigue to your boudoir experience. Strike a pose and let the camera capture your inner silver screen siren.
    @itsmarionreber in the Arigato Kimono
    10. Lace garter belt and stockings. Sure to set sparks flying in the boudoir, the Alchemist Cleopatra garter belt is the perfect piece to complement your glorious boudoir poses especially when it’s paired with the chic and luxurious My Fair Daisy stockings. The delicate embroidery of the garter belt adds a touch of elegance and femininity while creating the sexiest kind of coverage you can find, while the stockings draw attention to the legs and create a sensual and alluring look. The delicate lace and luxurious stockings create a sensual look that's perfect for channeling your inner Cleopatra or Marilyn Monroe.@cherylrocha and @instaliene in the Alchemist Cleopatra Empress Set
    11. Velvet slip dress with high slit. Sashay into the boudoir with the Majestic Peacock slip dress, a figure-hugging velvet number that's as sultry as it is glamorous. With a plunging neckline and slim cross-over straps, you'll feel like a modern-day vamp. The Majestic Peacock slip dress is a classic and sensual choice for boudoir photography. This figure-hugging piece oozes with glamour with a slit at the front, plunging neckline and slim cross over strap detailing at the back. You may want to consider pairing the velvet slip dress with other lingerie pieces such as a lace bralette and panties. Alternatively, you could wear the dress alone and focus on boudoir poses and just feel how deliciously luscious it is on your skin.
    @emmasnotdead in the Majestic Peacock slip dress, photographed by @babyshotme 
    12. Ouvert bras or panties. If you're looking to add a little more spice to your boudoir album, then ouvert bra and panties are a great option. It’s time to say Oui! to these gorgeous pieces that will be daring but fun and playful additions to your boudoir experience. These lingerie pieces are designed with openings or cut-outs in strategic places, creating a peek-a-boo effect that can be both alluring and playful just like the Venus ouvert brief and Persephone bralette. Complete with cheeky cutouts that reveal just enough, these pieces are made for the bold and fearless woman who is ready to take on the world in style.
    @utaukorushi in the Venus full set and @instaliene in the Persephone full set
    13. Sheer lace teddy with plunging neckline and a choker collar. Unleash your inner goddess love and beauty with the Venus collection. If you’re looking for a striking and seductive boudoir style then the combination of the Venus lace bodysuit and Venus choker is perfect for you. The intricate sheer lace with metallic sheen creates a luxurious look, while the plunging neckline draws attention to the chest and adds a touch of daring sensuality. The emerald choker adds an edgy and fashionable touch, framing the neckline and adding a touch of kink. Go bold and bare, or add heels and stockings to this tantalizing teddy for a boudoir shoot that'll have your inner goddess shining through.
    The Venus Collection. Venus full set worn by @incandescentkiki | Venus full set with its matching choker shot by @elenakulikovastudio | Venus lace bodysuit worn by @kitrysha

    14. Mesh bralette and matching panty with strappy detailing. Channel your inner Beyoncé with this bold, mesh bralette and matching strappy panty set. This combo is exactly what you need to take your boudoir photos from boring to OMG-worthy in seconds flat. The eye-catching strappy details make it stand out, while the mesh fabric offers breathability and comfort for those fierce poses. Perfect for the Sasha Fierce in you, this set will take your boudoir photos from ho-hum to fabulous in no time flat.
    @meganmyschief in the strappy Majestic Peacock full set, photographed by @susanavestige | @talmeshak in the Arigato full set and kimono
    15. Camisole pajama sets. Embrace your wild side with the Leopard pajama full set. This silky, sexy leopard print adds a touch of luxury to your boudoir shoot, with satin-like fabric that makes your skin look like liquid gold. Purr like Catwoman in this deep v-neckline ensemble, which shows off just the right amount of cleavage. The open back design adds a classy touch while letting you flaunt a bit of skin.
    @cherylrocha in The Leopard pajama full set
    16. Black sheer kimono robe with marabou feather trim. Channel your inner Mae West with the Honey Bunny black marabou robe. This elegant piece will drape your body with vintage Hollywood glamour, creating an alluring ambiance for your boudoir photos. Create an overall aesthetic that is as beautiful as it is elegant by wearing this black robe the vintage-actress way. Play with poses and movement to let the robe dance around your figure, making you feel like a true silver screen siren.
    @rosiesiltani in the Honey Bunny full set, bunny ears and black marabou robe
    17. Satin and lace bra and panties with a garter belt. Satin and lace are soft, sensual fabrics that make for great boudoir photography sessions. Satin is smooth and glossy, while lace is delicate and intricate. The marriage of these fabrics brings us the timeless elegance of the Foxy Cleopatra set and its matching suspender belt. Perfect for when you wish to unleash your inner Queen Cleopatra—complete the bombshell ensemble with stockings and a choker, and you'll be ready for your close-up.
    @darlingcurves in the Dress to Kill full set, garter belt and handcuffs | @misskikiminou in the Foxy Cleopatra full slip set and its matching garter belt,  photographed by @honne.jpg@_deshellclark wearing the Foxy Cleopatra string set, photographed by
    18. Mesh and lace bralette with a matching g-string. Make your boudoir photos sparkle with this enchanting mesh and lace set, a must-have for any boudoir photo shoot. The lace detailing adds a touch of allure, while the mesh reveals and conceals all the right bits. Strike magical poses to show off the mesmerizing 3D butterfly-diamantés, and you'll feel like a fairy-tale princess all day long. And the best part? You don't even have to take it off when they're done taking pictures—it's so comfortable that you'll want to wear it all day long!
    Madame X muses: @bettybrash photographed by and @isabellemiller both wearing the string set in its original blue color | @nicolenu__model and @mommy_nannan in its lilac version
    19. Body Chain and body jewellery. Body chain and body jewellery are the perfect accessories for boudoir photography. They can be worn in a number of ways – from wrapping the chain around your neck to draping it over your shoulders, or hanging it from your wrists like bangles. Whether you choose to wear one piece or several, these accessories are sure to add a touch of sparkle and magic to your photo shoot.
    Embrace the captivating allure of Persephone with body chains and jewelry that not only add sparkle and magic to your shoot but also bring dimension to your photos and videos. Whether you opt for a simple, mesmerizing piece like the Persephone Chains or go all out with multiple accessories, you'll feel like a goddess from Greek mythology in these stunning adornments, perfect for enhancing both still images and dynamic video content.
    @kitrysha in the Persephone set adorned by the sparkly Persephone chains
    20. Bridal boudoir. Bridal lingerie can be the crowning glory of a boudoir shoot. It's not just about seduction, though. The bridal lingerie trend is all about how to look and feel like a queen on your wedding day. If you're planning a wedding, you may want to consider wearing some bridal lingerie and book a boudoir shoot as well. Boost your self-confidence before your shoot with a boudoir photographer by wearing your most luscious white lingerie. And one day, looking back at the moments when you felt sexy and beautiful will remind you that it’s not the dress that looked great that special day, it was YOU.
    Bridal boudoir inspo: @reedandweep in the My Fair Daisy Empress Set, photographed by rkeartistry | @laurisogan in the Oh Coco full set | @amelia.korczak in the Alchemist Cleopatra Empress Set
    Whether you're looking to add some spice to your love life or treat yourself to a fabulous gift for an upcoming special occasion, boudoir photography and Empress Mimi are here to help you unleash your inner goddess, making you feel confident and stunning no matter where life takes you.
    Boudoir sessions go beyond snapping photos in sultry lingerie—they're a celebration of body confidence and self-love, just like Empress Mimi lingerie. Boudoir shoots encourage you to embrace your unique beauty, regardless of size or shape, and to express your sensuality in a way that makes you feel empowered and fabulous. So go ahead and strut your stuff like the fierce, confident vixen you are—because, darling, you've got that je ne sais quoi that sets you apart, and it's time to show it off with grace and style.
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