Luxurious Silk Pillowcase in Pink



Slip into your favourite sleepwear and lay your head to rest on this luscious pink silk pillowcase.

Empress Mimi's Luxurious Silk Pillowcase ensures you the sweetest dreams and the most glamorous mornings. An absolute essential for your ultimate beauty rest❣

A 100% ultra-luxurious silk pillowcase fit for a #Queen (because any old pillowcase just won't do). After a long day of ruling your empire, why not let your weary head rest on the very best? Silk pillowcases are known to promote youthful, healthy skin and hair and these sumptuous pillowcases will take your beauty sleep to a whole new level.

Cotton pillowcases can strip the hair and skin of natural oils, leading not only to frizzy hair but also acne; silk pillowcases can prevent the onset of fine lines and hair breakage. 

With the average person spending circa 1/3 of their life in bed (though admittedly here at Empress Mimi HQ, this is significantly higher) show a little self-love by investing in a bed partner that will never disappoint you or give you restless nights 💖

Benefits for your hair:

  • Maintain the natural oils in your hair and allow for less friction
  • Helps smooth frizzy hair and minimize static
  • Reduces split ends in your hair
  • Keep your hairdo looking fresher and less "slept on" in the morning
  • Helps keep fragile eyelashes intact

    Benefits for your skin:

    • Helps your skin stay supple and allows your pores to breathe
    • Won't absorb any applied night creams
    • Helps reduce the appearance of sleep lines and the formation of wrinkles on your face because you are resting your beautiful face on a smooth and silky surface

    SIZE: 76x51cm 20x30inch

    Buy a matching silk eye-mask for the ultimate night of luxurious sleep here.


    ✓Online exclusive - Not Available In Stores

    ✓ Impressively lightweight and feels as decadent as it looks


    ✓Wide range of colours available

    Our lingerie is carefully designed and thoroughly tested by real humans, however we understand that sometimes an item may not be to your liking or it doesn't fit as you had hoped. 

    We endeavour to make returns & exchanges as easy as possible for you and offer a full money-back guarantee should you wish to return you item. Alternatively, you can exchange your item for another one of your liking. Please refer to our refund policy for more info.

    Empress Mimi Lingerie Size Guide

    Sizes in the Empress Mimi lingerie subscription box range from XS to XXXL - you can find your fit below by comparing your usual bra size to our size chart.

    If you can't find your size, simply order your usual size in clothing. As a subscriber, we offer a free fit guarantee: if your box does not fit quite right we replace it free of charge with your next delivery! 

    The majority of our designs have been developed to be as adjustable as possible; your body changes, and we want your lingerie to change with you!

    We have included images of different models wearing a range of Empress Mimi sets to give you some visual guidance for your correct size. Additional information on how the sizing works can also be found below. Alternatively, reach out to us on info (at) We love hearing from you and making sure our Empresses always have the joy of perfectly fitting and comfy lingerie!

    Bodysuits, negligees and clothing

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    How do Empress Mimi bra sizes work?

    We work with sister sizing, and since we don’t use pesky, pokey and oh so passe metal wires, one size can fit many traditional bra sizes! 

    We always recommend referring to the size chart for guidance, but if you’re between sizes or need a little guidance, here’s a quick explainer of what each size is. 

    Our S+ and S++ ranges were especially developed for those Empresses with narrow bands and larger cup sizes .


    For band width, from smallest to biggest, with the equal (=) sign signifying the band width is the same:

    XS = XS+ < S = S+ = S++ < M- = M = M+ < L < XL < XXL = XXL+


    For cup sizes, from smallest to biggest (roughly, can vary per design and material / stretchiness of fabric)

    XS = M- < S < XS+ < S+ =M < M+ < S++ < L < XL < XXL < XXL+


    Tips & tricks to find your right size


    The band width is great! The cups are...

    Too small:

    Is there a + or ++ size available for your size (e.g. S+ or S++)? If so, these sets will have the same band width but with extra cup volume, so this should be great for you!

    If there is no + size available and the cup is just a little too small, we recommend going up one size (e.g. from an L to an XL). If it feels much too small, increase by two cup sizes (e.g. from an L to an XXL). 

    Please remember, the majority of our designs are highly adjustable on the band so increasing or decreasing your size should not pose issues!

    Too big:

    As per the above, but in reverse ;)

    The cups fit great! The band feels...

    If you have received one of our adjustable sets, in the first instance we recommend adjusting the settings. If the band still feels...

    Too tight: Increase one band size (e.g. from S to M)

    Too loose:

    As per the above, but in reverse ;)



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