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Wearable art to unleash your inner Goddess

About Empress Mimi

About the London based all female founded cult favourite brand

About Empress Mimi

At Empress Mimi, we’re reimagining lingerie as wearable art. The kind of art that stops you in your tracks or sends shivers up and down your spine. 

We’ve designed our heaven-sent lingerie sets, monthly subscriptions and separates with enough va-va-voom to bring entire cities to their knees. Whether you think of yourself as a good girl gone bad, of-the-earth or ethereal, our beautiful lingerie collection has something for every kind of Goddess.

Forget the old mythology; this is about lingerie that heralds a new era of self-worship for today’s modern woman.

Explore our monthly lingerie subscriptions, full sets, separates and more, here.

Why wearable art?

If you know Botticelli’s painting, Birth of Venus, you’ll know the power a Goddess can command without so much as a word. Being a Goddess is more than looks, it’s about channelling your inner power and expressing yourself your way.

From humble beginnings as a small, women-only team in London, Empress Mimi now delivers divine lingerie sets, separates and monthly subscriptions to a global collective of modern-day Goddesses.

Dreamy Designs

Empress Mimi is a lingerie brand that crafts wire-free pieces that set pulses racing. We cater to all kinds of moods and personality types — from playful and whimsical to dark and seductive.

Founded in London by an all-female team, Empress Mimi is a celebration of self-love, body ownership, and unapologetic empowerment. Our sensual designs and high-performing fabrics offer a supreme level of style and comfort.



At Empress Mimi, we like to think of our lingerie as wearable art. Every piece has been lovingly handmade: what makes our pieces so magical are all the little extras and the women who have inspired each piece.
Our subscription service contains all the fun! Every month, you’ll receive curated treats from our chic collection (and you can cancel any time you want). 
By being a part of our lingerie posse, you’ll join a growing movement of badasses who love to look good, no matter their shape. Worship your body, go after your dreams, and love yourself unconditionally.



At Empress Mimi we're committed to protecting Mother Earth. That's why we only release 12 designs each year that are sold up to the last piece. Only those that are loved get reproduced, with improvements and tweaks added each time based on your feedback. We're not about following trends or fast fashion: given the limited number of designs, we like to spend our time and effort lovingly perfecting each of our iconic designs. As a self-funded and all female led company, we are not pressurised by boards of investors or market trends.

Empress Mimi wants to leave as little impact on the world as possible; that’s why we frequently assess our supply chain practices and make improvements where we can. We’re not a part of the fast fashion set, we’re a conscious, limited-edition, boutique brand.


It’s what’s underneath that counts.

Empress Mimi lingerie is crafted using the most divine, plant-based and high-tech fabrics we can get our hands on. During our design process, we consider every moment and every body so each piece makes you feel amazing. We think you’ll love our second-skin, adjustable fits and 100% underwire-free bras.

We’re flipping the script on old mythology and the top myth we want to bust is that you need underwires to feel supported.

We doubt these Goddesses agree.

And neither do we. 

Our bras, bralettes and bodies are layered with high-performance power mesh, soft embroidery, applique and lace. We use this unique combination because we’ve found it offers the most comfortable, supportive fit. Our vegan, plant-based fabrics and meshes stretch beautifully across the contours of the body. For added support, we use non-stretch applique and underbands that create heavenly silhouettes free of pokey, pesky underwires (we sent those little devils straight to the underworld).

Buy online now or choose one of our subscriptions and let us deliver a heavenly box of delights to your door every single month.

Ditch the wires

As Goddesses, we don’t take too kindly to being poked or prodded by anyone or anything; it’s the kind of so-called support we can do without. That’s why we’ve ditched metal underwires in all of our bras, bralettes and bodies, in favour of something far more comfortable.

At Empress Mimi We carefully select our fabrics - light and airy, high-stretch – so that they follow and preserve the natural contours of the body without compromising on comfort. For added support, we use non-stretch applique and smooth underbands that create heavenly silhouettes free of pokey, pesky underwire. Rest assured, those little devils are back in the underworld where they belong.

Knowing that a woman's size and shape fluctuates throughout the year, we cleverly design our garments to accommodate normal body changes. You’ll find state-of-the-art, adjustable straps and ties across our entire range of lingerie so you can always guarantee you’ll find the best fit for you.

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