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Our eco-commitment

Making Mama Earth Proud 🍃

Empress Mimi wants to leave as little impact on the world as possible, that’s why we frequently assess our supply chain practices and make improvements where we can. We’re not a part of the fast fashion set, we’re a conscious, limited-edition, boutique brand.

The last thing we want is for our garments to end up in landfill, so our lingerie is crafted to last. We scrutinise the fabrics we use and the finishings we choose. Quality over quantity is a big part of our mantra.

Only the pieces that receive optimum feedback make it into our eCommerce store. We work on delivering the most exceptional designs based on what YOU want, as opposed to the latest trends and style forecasts.

Pachamama (n.) a term from ancient Quechua language meaning Mother Earth.

Empress Mimi is a Goddesshood unlike any other. And it’s made possible by the ultimate Goddess, Pachamama.

Empress Mimi is mailed to your door in beautifully compact, reusable boxes that minimise expenses. Packaging optimisation reduces the number of journeys, meaning lower CO2 emissions and lower fuel costs. WIN! 

We also send out the silkiest storage bags to ensure your lingerie lasts as long as possible. This helps prevent your bras and briefs being prematurely disposed and helps curb mass production.

And finally, we celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes — we’re an inclusive brand for everyone. Our message is to LOVE yourself and reach for your dreams.

A better world is possible.