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Here's Your Path to Self Appreciation

Here's Your Path to Self Appreciation

“You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, but if you yourself don’t know it, all of that doesn’t even matter. Every second that you spend on doubting your worth, every moment that you use to criticize yourself; is a second of your life wasted, is a moment of your life thrown away. It’s not like you have forever, so don’t waste any of your seconds, don’t throw even one of your moments away.”

― C. JoyBell C.

Taking the path to self-love will be the most significant journey you take in your life. In order to give the best of what you have to offer to the world around you, you need to start by cultivating that love from the inside out. 

If you have been feeling down, losing your confidence, feeling unloved or under-appreciated, it’s time to take things slowly, take a deep breath, and perform a few self-love rituals to regain your power and well being. These rituals will help you to re-connect, heal, and bring back your alignment when you feel lost. Practicing self-love in this way may not instantly remove your worries and doubts or even completely restore your confidence and belief in yourself, but with these baby steps, you will be able to start building the kind of love within yourself that will translate to everything you do and enable you to focus on what truly matters in your life without the crippling doubt and hesitation so many of us have become accustomed to.

Just imagine waking up at the time you want to, feeling on top of the world, being in love with your life, and going out to tackle the day with confidence and a spring in your step. Imagine looking and feeling great in absolutely every piece of clothing you own and being able to dismiss all of the haters with a smirk and a giggle without ever once starting to question your own self-worth. You CAN do all this, and it’s not nearly as hard as living your life never fully loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved. Your happiness is an inside job, so just go and get it! 

And remember, we’re here for you. Your fellow empresses are there to encourage and support for you.

Below is a simple guide to the path of self appreciation:


Take a break from the toxicity and build a solid self-care routine that makes you feel oh-so good every day, no matter what else may be going on in the world. Nourish your body with quality ingredients, plenty of sleep, rest and fresh air as well as positive self-talk and happy habits that help you to maintain it. To reconnect with your body, go for a walk in the sunshine, get a massage and move freely by wearing comfortable clothes, shoes and undergarments. The first thing you put on in the morning might be wearing you down, so make sure each and every item you wear provides you with joy, beauty and comfort. Your body will reward you with a sense of well-being that will make everything else in your life easier and more pleasant. Build the kind of devoted relationship with your body that you would want to have with a lover and feel more desirable, feminine, sensual, confident, and seductive in your every-day life.


It’s in women’s nature (or is it nurture?) to constantly be busy taking care of other people which can sometimes result in forgetting to take a break and spend some time with ourselves. When you love what you do, you may feel guilty taking any time off. There’s this faulty belief out there that in order to be worthy, successful and loved, you have to give away ALL of your time and effort. It may seem admirable to be so giving, but burning out, getting stressed and exhausting the crap out of yourself only makes you look selfish and mean (anyone who has been sleep deprived for any period of time knows all too well how true this can be).
Where there is no well-being within you, you cannot create well being for anyone else. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and under rested, pack your bags and don’t forget that head turning swimsuit for some much needed R&R. You can travel on your own, go to the park or even just have a bed day. Time spent with yourself is crucial to your well-being. Keep your love tank full and your energy fully charged and watch how everything else gets easier!


“Sometimes I dance to two songs, but the rule is that I have to dance to at least one.”  

-Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the most iconic, beloved, and bestselling book, “Eat Pray Love”

When feeling blue and lethargic, our favourite remedy is an unplanned dance party! We believe that music has an alchemy all it’s own that has the power to change your mood, shift your perspective and put a spring (and a jiggle) in your step. Shaking your booty is good for your brain - science says so.

Girl, we know that you look gorgeous bouncing, bobbing, and shimmying on the dance floor, but even on a dreary Monday morning, you can simply put on your favourite song and salsa your way through breakfast prep. It’s the easiest way to start your day with a bit of exercise and a mood lift and you don’t need anyone or anything to make it happen except for YouTube. Give yourself an escape from “blah” and just dance the stress away.

How to look elegant and sexy on the dancefloor? Check out 5 WAYS TO SLAY A BRALETTE 

The Midnight Empress Set is the perfect outfit when you’re out clubbing with friends or out to turn heads on the street. If you’re feeling extra sexy, layer your bralette under a sheer top, don a pencil skirt and underneath it all...a flirty double strapped G-String.


All of the bad choices, bad habits, weaknesses, mistakes, and failures, it’s high time that you forgive yourself for all of that. We all stumble and fall sometimes, but as Cardi B likes to say, fall down 9 times and get up 10. Leave these mishaps where they belong - there’s no need to carry them on your shoulders every day. You have learned from all of it and sister, when you know better, you can surely do better! Embrace your past mistakes wholeheartedly and with gratitude for all the wisdom you have gained. Take your first step today and decide to chase the life you’ve always dreamed of without self-judgement or fear!  

For starters, show them the new you. Stop frowning at the mirror and instead, try to smile and look at your body from a place of love and gratitude for all the years it has carried you and all the difficulties it has overcome together with you. Wear clothes that make you feel sensual and flowy. Pro tip to let go of any past insecurities: take the body part you hate the most, stroke it with kindness and ask it for forgiveness for all the mean things you have said to it in the past. Then promise your body you will be kinder and better to it in the future. Imagine your mind as a parent to your body. After all, you are responsible for feeding and clothing and caring for it each and every day. What kind of parent would you like to be? One who showers with love or one who shouts in judgement? Let go of all of that and build a lasting relationship of love, respect and acceptance of all that your body is and has given you.   

We recommend wearing the Empress Mimi negligee in bed made from a luxurious stretch silk blend that gently drapes over your figure. With an innovative cut which combines style and comfort, this style is as classy as it is sexy and so comfortable you can sleep in it.


There are probably numerous times that you bought surprise gifts for your friends, partners, and loved ones ‘just because’. Now try to remember the last time you have spoiled yourself with a gift that is purely just for you and your pleasure. Give yourself some token of appreciation for being amazing, caring, compassionate, and lovable! Subscribe to Empress Mimi and get that it’s-my-birthday feeling every month by receiving a gorgeously packaged matching set of lingerie on the regular! If you enjoy receiving new lingerie for your significant other, why not give the same gift to yourself? And always remember, you are worth it! You are worth taking care of, being kind to, sending gifts to and offering all the best of what life has to offer.

Celebrate femininity and inspire unconditional self-love by subscribing to Empress Mimi Lingerie. The House of Frillies Box delivers one pair of surprise undies that are as fabulous as they are comfortable. The Queen Box delivers a set of matching lingerie combining fabulous designs with perfect fit & comfort. Lastly, The Empress Box arrives with a matching set of fabulous lingerie, accompanied by gorgeous themed accessories including high-end jewellery, loungewear and kimonos, silk sleeping masks and the occasional naughty addition of tassels and whips. Nights in have never been so decadent - subscribe now for the gift that keeps on giving. 

For us, these are just some of the important steps towards self appreciation. With these steps, you will feel empowered to play the game of life with joy and enthusiasm and realise your visions and dreams.

When you love yourself, you are at peace. Now that’s a priceless gift that no one can get you except yourself.

Let us know how you practice self-love in the comments below! 

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