Wired Bras are “Holding” you Back

Reasons why women should choose FREEDOM from wires?

You just got home from work. What’s the first thing you do? You unclasp your bra and throw it off in disgust. You breathe in normally for the first time that day and delight in the absolute freedom of your lungs and ribcage. It feels good just thinking about it.

We are all guilty of this ritual rooted in the assumed need for women to self-punish themselves for the body God gave us, a ritual that started when the corset was first kitted out with whale-bones and bound so tightly that women would faint from asphyxiation on a daily basis. Society of course assumed that we were simply the weaker sex, unable to as much as sit in a chair without passing out from the burden.

But of course the world has changed since then, and instead of animal bones and tightly  wound strings we ‘merely’ have to deal with a few metal wires and inflexible mid-riff bands designed like tailored suits instead of the body hugging pieces that are supposed to move and bend with you.

Most women are well aware of how uncomfortable wearing a ‘proper’ bra is the whole day. We complain about the red marks on our shoulders, itchiness, the irritation under our breasts and blame ourselves for being too broad, or too busty, or picking the wrong bra in the wrong size. Cue ‘90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!’ screams from the experts. Our question: if 90% of women chose the wrong size, perhaps it is the size that is wrong and not the women?

When you first start wearing wireless and well-designed supportive bralettes you will breathe a sigh of relief. A few weeks later, you will likely separate your underwear drawer into the ‘comfortable and worn daily’ and the ‘wired that I never feel like wearing'. A couple of months in, most women throw out all but one or two of the restrictive metal bound offenders, vowing to never again have to sigh in relief when throwing off these garments created to change the shape of your assets. Still not convinced? Here are just some of the reasons why YOU should choose FREEDOM!

1. Actually, it’s not you, it’s them

What you see in advertisements, TV shows and movies suggests that flat chests are a thing to be disgusted at. So much so it required surgery or at the very least pushed-up, wired, or padded bras to convince ‘the others’ of how hot you are.

Ditch these types of bras and embrace your own natural shape to experience the extreme comfort and self- acceptance that comes with the unwillingness to sacrifice your own comfort in the name of the comfort of the male gaze.

Empress Mimi’s Majestic Peacock Bralette is not just sexy but stretchy AND supportive and clearly the ooh-la-la your lingerie drawer needs. 

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2. Comfiness Level of Wired and Padded Bras: Super Low

Why stay uncomfortable and let wired and padded bras hold you back? Yes, everyone has their own preferences, but please, we all know that you have never truly found an extremely comfortable wired bra. Don’t believe it? Ask yourself, how often do you wear one to sleep?

You know what’s really amazing about bralettes? You can wear it outside and when you get home, you have simply forgotten that you are wearing one. So go ahead, and allow yourself to feel at home where-ever you are.

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3. Wearing bralettes does not limit the availability of styles and the experience is just waaaaay better

Some time ago, unwired meant your options were limited to plain, frumpy or ‘sports bra’. This is no longer the case. Tasteful fashionable design and comfort are no longer enemies in the underwear department. At Empress Mimi Lingerie, we believe that you can and should have both. Push-up and padded bras may give you that “forced cleavage” that will gain praise from passersby about your breasts, but the truth is, who are those people anyway? When you feel good about yourself and are comfortable in your own skin, it shows and you always feel (and look!) like the sexiest version of yourself.

The Côte d'Azur Asymmetrical Bralette with strategically placed cutouts. This flirtatious and fun design takes your imagination where the sun always shines and the champagne never ceases to flow. Shop the Côte d'Azur bralette here

4. Second Base gets really Boring With Wired and Padded Bras

Do not kill the vibe with your partner by giving them a handful of memory foam from your padded bra. It’s disappointment all around, not to mention awkward if it’s the first bedroom date and the goods turn out to be not as advertised. Instead, try a peekaboo design in delicate lace that just beckons exploration and sensuality. You can thank us later.

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5. Much healthier for 'the Girls'

Did you know that many studies show that wearing underwire bras increased the risk of breast cancer?

According to breast health expert Cheri-lynn Burk, "underwire bras impede the movement of breast tissue and cause the lymph tissue to gather toxins". Nothing pretty or witty about that.

Be healthy on the inside and out and put your well being first.

The Midnight Empress bralette is a piece that exudes elegance, comfort and luxury. This can be purchased as a matching set and is so supportive it can be worn as a sports bra. No metal bits necessary.

6. Wired bra’s make your breasts get saggy faster.

Breasts should not be denied their freedom to move and support themselves.

Think about it. What happens to your arm when you put it in a cast for a month? That’s right, all the natural strength and muscle tone wither to almost nothing when deprived of the need to keep their strength because the stress that forces the muscle to maintain itself is removed. Give it a few more months, and soon the bone will start getting brittle, because ‘use it or lose it’ always applies when it comes to our bodies. As it turns out, your breast tissue is no different. The more ‘support’ you provide, the more you restrain the natural maintenance and development of your muscle tone and skin elasticity. Contrary to popular belief, a 15-year study by Jean-Denis Rouillon has confirmed that women who wear wired bras more frequently exhibit more, not less sagginess over time.

Rouillon found that women who never wore bras had nipples on average seven millimeters higher in relation to their shoulders each year than regular bra users. "Medically, physiologically, anatomically - breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra."

At the end of the day, your health must be your top priority. Love yourself and remove the back pain, irritation, sagginess, and the many risks you expose yourself to when you wear hard metal wires around the most delicate and sensitive tissues in your body. Display your God-given beauty with comfort, style, and a healthy dose of self-love by wearing undergarments that accentuate, not hide your natural beauty.

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