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Forever Summer

Forever Summer

Beat the post-summer blues and don’t let the joy of slower pace and sunny days fade away. Yes, the laid-back beauty of summer has bid us farewell but don’t despair. We listed below some steps to keep your mood up and beat that seasonal slump.

In the coming cold and gloomy days, slip into more vibrant-coloured outfits or accessories and notice a difference in your entire attitude. Begin underneath by wearing a playful combination of orange and pink!
In the summer, you dive into a relaxing swim or you have let your hair down and hit the dance floor. The change of season is not a reason to not do these anymore. Turn on your fave dance music, wear a sexy dance costume and shamelessly sashay and shimmy around the house ‘cos no one’s stopping you.
@oh_mon_dieu_ in the My Fair Daisy - Empress Set
Basically, a pamper yourself date! Schedule a time in a week that you devote only to yourself. Light up your favourite scented candle, take a dip in a warm bubble bath with your favourite music playing in the background while holding a wine glass in one hand. You may also indulge and treat yourself to some skincare products, new cosmetics or fresh underthings, I bet your boudoir is already needing a refresh.
@oh_mon_dieu_ in the Venus - Full Set
Snap pictures of things (or people!) that strike you as beautiful and interesting, including yourself! Schedule a photoshoot with a professional photographer or DIY it at home using your phone. Spice up this home activity by trying a boudoir photoshoot ‘cos why not? Don some gorgeous lingerie and strike a pose. Seasons change and memories may fade but whether you keep these photos for yourself or set pulses racing by sharing them with others; these pictures will always be here to remind you of the beauty you possess and that surrounded you right here and now in this captured moment.
@oh_mon_dieu_ in the Between the Lines - Full Set
You don’t have to wait for summer to have a little adventure in your life. Keep that summer feeling by switching up your everyday routine. Explore a town new to you, try that new restaurant you walk past after work, try a new hobby or try a new outfit or style! These new fun activities will keep you occupied and busy, you’ll never notice the gray days have already passed. 
We won’t be able to ignore the inevitable and so instead of burying ourselves into autumnal apathy try the things we suggested above to keep your perspectives sunny - all year round.
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