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Persephone II Corset

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
One of my favorite fits

I'm very pleased with this garment. It compliments my body, and it's very flattering. I bought a M. I'd recommend this garment to friends and fans of Persephone.

Very cute, but may have to tailor it

This corset is cute, although I have to wear it with a bra the same colour as my skin because my nips totally poke out if I move my body a little. It’d be better if the little crease was sewn shut at the nips but only a little so that you have that little window in the shape of a triangle still in the middle. The lace part of the bra looks a little bigger in the pictures, and I was a little disappointed to find out that the lace to satin ratio in the actual bra part is closer to 50/50. I feel like you get less coverage that way. It’d be nice if the straps were more adjustable too. They’re adjustable, but only a little bit. The bra part feels slightly big because of this. Also, I didn’t get a poem along with it, which made me a little sad. :(

As for upsides, this corset is absolutely gorgeous. Aside from the bra part of the corset, the rest of it is stunning. It looked a little big at first despite being extra small, but it fits fairly nicely. It has a lot of detail, and cuts off at a nice place so that you can still wear it with a regular outfit (maybe some jeans) but is also nice as lingerie as intended.

I will probably end up sewing the boob window partially closed because I don’t want my nips on full display to the world, but the rest of the piece is so beautiful. Especially when paired with the persephone leg wraps, which I will write a review for after this. :)

Dear Megan,

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and for taking the time to share your experience with the Persephone Corset II.

We're so sorry to hear about the disappointing part of the item and if your experience did not seem what we'd hoped it to be. We could only assume that this issue happens because each of the items/sets are made of different fabrics which may stretch and fit women’s bodies differently.

We deeply appreciate your feedback and we will take this in for any future development of the Persephone set. :heart:

If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We always welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you again for your support and for choosing our company.

Amanda Brown

This outfit is beautiful!!!