5 steps to a fabulously organised lingerie drawer: life can get messy, but your lingerie drawer doesn’t have to!

Lingerie: it’s the first thing you put on during the day and the last thing you take off. Unless of course you’re going commando on the daily - in which case, we salute you brave Empress.

While you may have gotten used to scrambling through your lingerie drawer in search of something that is wearable or matching every morning (or before a date), we’re here to help you build a new version of you. A version of you that confidently opens her lingerie drawer when getting ready to strut through the day; no longer opening the drawer just an inch, sticking your hand in to rumble around, and hoping for the best. A version of you that can easily find what you are looking for; be it lovers, wealth, or the perfect undies for a perfect day. An Empress doesn’t rummage, an Empress selects what her heart desires.

So without further ado, let’s whip your underwear drawer into shape.

Step 1: Out with the Old


If you need a refresher on how to live an organised life; we suggest you prequel this step by watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix (we’re here to help you organise your underwear drawer, not to stop all procrastination).

In essence:

  1. Empty ALL your lingerie related items on your bed
  2. Pick each item up individually, and ask yourself whether or not it sparks joy
  3. Put all items that do not spark joy in one pile, put all items that do in a different pile
  4. Throw out or donate all items that do not spark joy

It's important to be utterly ruthless and truthful with yourself during this stage; especially keep an eye out for:

  • Worn out lingerie
  • Underwear that is washed out or with holes in it
  • Underwires which have lost their shape or are poking out underneath the bra
  • Bra and bralettes which no longer fit or are uncomfortable 

Whilst your opinion of yourself should be kept in the highest regard, some of us are not quite there yet. That's why it may also help during this exercise to image your ultimate celebrity crush seeing you in your lingerie - which pieces would you not mind being seen in? All other underwear pieces can be promptly dismissed. Now, we know that many of us keep worn out panties for when 'Aunt Flo' comes to visit, but to you we say this: invest in some simple black lycra or cotton undies for days when you want to be extra comfortable and leak proof. During these days you still deserve to feel like the Goddess you are, do not downgrade yourself for an entire week per month just because mother nature is paying a visit. 

2. In with the New 

Now that you have your selection of joy-sparking unmentionables, it's time organise them in a chaos-proof way. 

For this step, it would be helpful to either invest in boxes for your drawers or to re-use old shoe / make-up packaging that has been gathering dust around your house.  

1. Separate your lingerie by type in mini piles: bralettes separated from push-up bras, thongs & G-strings separated from brazilian briefs, sexy negligees separated from your lounge and shapewear.

2. Assign a new home (i.e. the aforementioned box) for each type of lingerie.

3. Place the boxes in your lingerie drawer. Keep in mind to put your most frequently worn underwear pieces at the front, and keep the undies you do not wear as frequently at the back of the drawer. Hang any robes / sexy negligee pieces up.

3. Hit Refresh

Now that you have a clear oversight of all your delicate belongings, make a wish list for all the pieces you feel like you're missing. Keep this at the forefront of your mind when shopping for lingerie next. 

Keep things fun and treat yourself like the royalty you are by introducing new and fun playmates for your lingerie drawer regularly. You want your eyes to glow up with glee every time you open this drawer, filled with excitement at the little treasures you have collected. Sure, you could see underwear as something you must wear and therefore treat it as an afterthought, but a joyous life is made up of the tiny moments. Treat yourself to having a joyous moment every time you get dressed for the day; you won't regret it. 

4. Flower Power

Added bonus advise: keep a little scented bag of lavender in your lingerie drawer so that it is always filled with a flowery aroma. Spray your favourite perfume inside the drawer once a week.

5. Rise & Shine Empress 

Wake up in the morning, open your lingerie drawer which is now only filled with delectable pieces and select the one that brings you the most joy to wear today. Admire yourself in your mirror all day long. Rinse. Repeat.