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June Empress Muse files: Caiine

June Empress Muse files: Caiine

Through a strange and wonderful social media interaction last month, I stumbled upon one of our loyal customers who turned out to be so ridiculously talented, beautiful, and inspiring, chills ran down my spine from hearing a mere snippet of her music on instagram. So impactful was our interaction, that I just couldn't stop thinking about all the amazing talented Empresses that are in our community that I may not even be aware of. So out of a need to share this beauty and to help us all connect and inspire each other, especially during this difficult and lonely time, we have decided to create a new initiative. 

Every month we will interview an Empress from our community to highlight and celebrate their work. 

As our community grows, we want to create an inspiring space to share our stories. Our June muse (and original Empress muse) is the incredibly talented and beautiful Caiine. 

Hailed as the new Nina Simone, Caiine is a Cheshire based artist who started working with her current writing partner and producer back in 2017. Their work can be characterized as mellow, synth-filled, alternative R&B, that draws its influence from old soul and contemporary R&B. In January 2020 Caiine was honoured with a place on the BBC Introducing Hot List 2020 of top artists to watch this year.

Caiine first found her love for performing and music in childhood and it’s been a highlight of her life ever since, being her safe haven when all else fell apart. She has been referred to as an old soul and it’s a phrase that fits her almost too well.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I’m Caiine, I work together with Keiran Flynn (AKA K-Dogg
) to write Alternative R&B. Keiran and I have been working together for a few years now to write songs like The Game, Disengage and Century. We had a lot of festivals and gigs lined up this year, like South By South West in Texas which sadly got cancelled due to Covid, but we’ve been writing through lockdown and we’re hoping to get right back into the gigging scene as soon as we can!

What woman inspires you and why?

There are so many women out there today and throughout history that inspire me; strong women, who forged their own path, who struggled but made it. The one woman that inspires me the most though is my mum, she taught me to be strong, she taught me how to protect those I care about and to follow my intuition. I’m proud of her every day.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?

I had two dream jobs as a kid, I wanted to be a famous singer who could write about whatever she wanted, but I also wanted to be a "boss lady’. When I was in reception, I think I must have been about 6, there was a fake office, it had the whole set up, a briefcase, computer, fake phone, the whole shebang! I would stand there with the fake phone saying "Cancellations? What do you mean cancellations?! You’re fired!" And I’d strut off with the briefcase, in my head wearing a power suit...that’s what happens when you let kids watch the Apprentice I guess. But I’d always been BIG on music too, I’d sing away to Metallica and Lemar (a big contrast, I know!), and dream of playing the piano, guitar and drums. Little did I know that I’d actually be on my way to reaching both those dreams years down the line.

"If I need to focus myself I take some time out to just get back in touch with reality as I see it and’s strange how getting in touch with ‘nothingness’ can bring everything else in to clarity"

At what point did you know you wanted to pursue your current path?

I was 7 when I sang in front of an audience for the first time and I knew then that it was something I’d never give up. I also work in finance...although it doesn’t sound as glamorous as jumping from gig to gig, I realised when I was 18 that it was also what I wanted to do and that from that point on I’d be living two separate lives.

 Do you have any rituals or routines that help you get through a difficult day? How do you bounce back?

It depends on the nature of the day, but I have two approaches to combatting hard times. I meditate and I dance. If I need to focus myself I take some time out to just get back in touch with reality as I see it and’s strange how getting in touch with ‘nothingness’ can bring everything else in to clarity. But if I need to motivate myself, I put on some music and I work I sometimes take myself and my headphones to the toilets, lock myself in a cubicle and have myself a private disco...I only hope no one can tell!

What is your spiritual practice?

I’d say I’m spiritual, but I don’t really prescribe to any one defined practice, I just try to get in touch with the universe and in turn myself. But I also strongly believe in the power of mindset, positivity and the laws of attraction.

What is your favourite quote?

Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both right’ in all honesty I don’t know who said it originally, maybe Confucius, but I remember it being up on the wall in the corridor of my high school and for some reason it sat with me then without me understanding it, it’s a quote I believe wholeheartedly now.

 "I think when you’re in touch with the universe it’s easier to connect with others and to feel peaceful"

What is your lifetime dream/goal and how are you going to achieve this?

I have a lot of goals that I categorise and compartmentalise, but I suppose my main “life goal” is to be grounded, to get as in touch with myself and the universe as much as possible. I think when you’re in touch with the universe it’s easier to connect with others and to feel peaceful. I’ve not been there before so I don’t KNOW how to get there, so I’ll try through meditating, and helping people wherever possible, I think helping people leaves you with a feeling that’s hard to describe.

What would a perfect day in 5 years time look like for you?

A perfect day in 5 years time would be busy, I’d be working through the day, playing a gig at night and then going home to people I can laugh and eat well with.

Favourite video?

‘Century’ was my favourite video to shoot, it’s on YouTube, we had specific imagery in mind, but really I’d say it’s about owning your potential, stepping into your power, and ignoring the more doubtful parts to yourself and relying instead on your intuition.

Watch the CENTURY video below. 

You can find Caiine online on the following online hotspots:

Instagram @Caiine_music



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