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Empower Yourself and Let Your Beauty Shine with The Newest Venus Lingerie Set

Empower Yourself and Let Your Beauty Shine with The Newest Venus Lingerie Set

I love you. Three powerful words you say to those who mean something to you. But how often do you say them to yourself? How often do you show your body and mind that you are truthfully, meaningfully loving yourself? Chances are, not often enough.

Just think for a moment. When was the last time you bought a set of beautiful lingerie only for yourself, not to impress someone else? Do you wear sexy silk and lace under your daily clothes or some dull, cotton undergarments?

Wearing gorgeous underwear goes beyond the practical and sensual aspects. Putting on a set of sexy lingerie when you don’t expect to show it off to someone else is nothing but a fierce act of self-love that will empower you.

What is Beauty? Expressions of Women Beauty Through the Ages

Cultures and societies have shaped perceptions surrounding beauty and body types since the dawn of time. Art makes it easy to tell what was considered beautiful at any specific age.

Paintings inside the pyramids, for instance, let us know that Ancient Egyptians described the ideal woman as a slender figure with a high waist, narrow shoulders, and symmetrical face. Ancient Greece depicts a different type of perfect woman, one with a plump body, large breasts, and wide hips, features associated with fertility.


Many paintings and frescoes from the Italian Renaissance period portray a similar type of beauty. Raphael, Titian, and Botticelli are just some of the Italian artists who represented feminine beauty in the form of a curvy woman with a round face and flushed cheeks.

Beauty standards in Victorian England followed the Renaissance influence.  A desirably plump, full-figured body and cinched waist gave birth to the attractive and still popular hourglass figure.

The twenties may have briefly brought flat stomachs into the limelight. Still, the Golden Age of Hollywood cast a shadow upon the slender figure once more, celebrating the feminine curves and hourglass body type of actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

If this quick look back in time can teach us anything is that the skinny woman with a flat stomach and an androgynous figure has only been considered beautiful for merely a few decades, and this trend is already beginning to fade in the wake of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian who aren’t afraid to showcase their lush bodies in front of a global audience.

So, what if you don’t have the body that has been labelled as desirable by today's media? If the history of women in art is anything to go by - it is that beauty is an ever evolving and changing concept that says more about the eye of the beholder than the subject itself. Don't dedicate your life to chasing the approval of others that can change on a whim. 

Turn yourself into Timeless Art with the Venus Set

Inspired by the Renaissance beauty standards and Botticelli’s masterpiece The Birth of Venus, Empress Mimi’s Venus set is just what you need to show your body some love. Like Venus’ development from foam to Goddess and Botticelli’s expression of love triumphing over brutality, this deep green lingerie set with golden shell closure on front can be the reminder of the divine femininity within you.

Don’t let society tell you who you should be and how you should look. Embrace your inner divinity and celebrate your body like the temple of beauty it is. Decorate your canvas with the attention and love it deserves. Every scar, stretch-mark, imperfection, soft squishy or sharp part is part of the masterpiece that continues being created throughout your life. 

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