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Timeless Lingerie trends to take you through 2021

Timeless Lingerie trends to take you through 2021

Check out our round up of the latest in boudoir glam

The past year has seen us mostly confined to our homes, for work, play and everything in between, with old sweats and pajamas serving as both our daily night and day time outfits. Long gone are the days when we pondered how best to dress up for a chic desk to dinner date look, instead, the current state of the world has given us the opportunity to make a daily commitment to show up as the best versions of ourselves for ourselves (ok, and sometimes as the best top half versions of ourselves for those pesky Zoom calls). After the shock of the new normal passed, many of us remembered that it is the little moments that make life beautiful and magical - and that it is worth investing in these even if no one is watching. 

Lingerie in this way has always been the perfect litmus test of our commitment to decorate our body with the best and finest, for ourselves (or select lovers). Whilst the little black dress for the time being remains a remnant of the past, dinner date or not, each day still commences with gliding into a pair of undies - yes, even when we’re confined to our own, familiar four walls.  We might as well make it fabulous, so, if like many of us, you want to switch things up a bit, why not check out our top trends for lingerie this 2021?

In case we get you feeling inspired, we’ve also included some handy links to relevant pieces from our latest collection, so you can treat yourself to something special...

The soft luxe bralette

If there is one thing we have become even more committed to at Empress Mimi HQ, it is our wire-free designs. Once we stepped away from the prying and expecting eyes of society, all those fashion items that used to constrain us suddenly made less and less sense. Five inch heels? Gone. Bras that you want to throw off the moment you get home? Double gone. 

More than ever, women are demanding both comfort and style from their lingerie, binning awkward and constraining wiring. You wouldn’t put a Da Vinci in an ugly picture frame, and likewise an artwork like us deserves the prettiest of decorations. Comfort should not come at the compromise of artful detailing, and with lingerie designed with the female form in mind, you can enjoy stylish looks and a supportive featherweight fit.  

After all, why torture your body with underwiring, when you can adorn it with a beautiful soft bralette, like our opulent Foxy Cleopatra bra in delicate sheer stretch tulle and super-luxe red embroidery?

The emerald green Venus bralette, with shell cup detail and golden shell front closure, is made to honour the female shape - and we promise once you put it on, you’ll feel the epitome of feminine sensuality. 

Elegant ensembles

Sure, with every piece of news that comes out the world outside feels more and more like it is completely out of your control (and to large part it is), but there’s just something about putting on a perfectly matching ensemble first thing in the morning that gives you the feeling that for a brief moment, you’re a grownup who has really got their sh*t together. You’re 100% in control. A Goddess preparing for the battle that is her day.

Just because we can’t get all glammed up and hit the town like we used to, it doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort while we’re still at home.  Investing in a beautiful lingerie ensemble helps you feel glam and on top of it. 

Bring a touch of magic into your life, with our exquisite Madam X full set, in baby blue, featuring delicate butterfly adornment and silky strap detail.  A tribute to the winged Goddess Psyche, you can’t help but feel uplifted while you’re wearing this gorgeous ensemble. 

Or, try our stunning Arigato set, with golden mesh tulle, striking crouching tiger applique, and high end black satin trim.  Comfortable, supportive, and enticing, this classy ensemble allows you to unleash your wild side, while hugging your body and revealing in all the right places.

Decadent colours

When things are dreary, there’s nothing better than a heavy hit of luxury, and colour is one of the fastest ways to indulge.  Combat the pandemic blues by invoking a sensual vibe with bold, rich hues and enveloping your body in fabrics that make you feel like a queen.

Check out our Majestic Peacock bra and panty set, with bold embellishment and stretchy, ultra-comfy mesh.  With on-trend embroidery and playful satin strappy detailing, it will have you feeling revamped and ready to strut your stuff.

If you want to really turn up the heat, our super-decadent Foxy Cleopatra Empress set in racy red, includes bra, panties, suspender belt, hold ups, and choker, allowing you to truly spoil yourself.  Featuring tulle embroidered with delicate floral lace, in spicy and seductive scarlet, with a satin trim - when you wear it, you’ll be the ruler of your very own Queendom!

Silky slips

Another huge trend right now is the silky and sensual camisole, which feels amazing next to the skin, and can double up as daywear, paired with well-tailored pants and a chic clutch. Our pretty La Vie En Rose Cami, in vintage glossy pink satin and boudoir white lace, will have you feeling like a starlet from a bygone era, and is so gorgeous you won’t want to keep it under wraps.

Fans of classic black should check out our Magi Noir silk camisole, made from soft silk and adorned with a fine lace trim.  Classy, chic and perennially in fashion, this piece will be one you reach for again and again, whenever you want to indulge and feel extra-luxe.

For the ultimate glamorous silky smooth cover-up (to keep your artwork hidden from neighbourly eyes) - check out the Arigato Kimono. Let the golden hues drape over your body as you majestically roam your Kingdom.

Vintage styling

Vintage is still huge, and with the popularity of period dramas like Bridgerton, it’s having a resurgence in the lingerie department too, with noticeable nods to retro styling on everything from corsets and robes to bras and panties. 

If you want to evoke the glamour of the past, and you’re feeling a little flirty, pick up our Oh Kiki! set, so you can tease in elegant burlesque style.  This classy little sheer chiffon ensemble, with cheeky cut out panties with flowy trims, also features adjustable straps - allowing you to experience the ultimate in comfort and chic.

Alternatively, Netflix & chill looking stylish AF and try our extra-fabulous Madam X corset top, with puffy sheer sleeves and silky ties that let you to gently shape an hourglass figure, without being uncomfortable.  In satin and mesh, with extravagant butterfly adornment, every time you put it on, you’ll feel like you’re starring in your very own historical romance.

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