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Ditch the wiring

Ditch the wiring

Find the bralette for YOUR Goddess style and embrace your shape

We’ve all experienced the agony of wearing uncomfortable or badly fitting undies, but one of the worst culprits must be the underwired bra.  For decades, too many women have forced their bodies into restrictive wiring, trying to deform their shape to meet rubbish stereotypes or expectations.

This needs to change, as to feel sexy, you need to embrace the real you anyway - not conform to limiting standards.  That includes accepting your beautiful, natural Goddess given shape - and true Goddesses know, they’re perfect just as they are.  

Opting for bralettes, which are basically just bras without the wiring, lets you experience comfort all day - and yes, you can go wire-free whether you’re a pert and perky A cup, or blessed with double D’s. Goddesses take care of themselves - because they love and are confident about their bodies - however they look.

Choosing the right underwear, so you feel great while doing your thing, isn’t the only key to body confidence, but it’s a great place to start - so why not bin the restrictive wiring and pick up a soft bralette that enhances your natural shape instead?

If you need more convincing, read on to discover the top three reasons why wired bras are so over, then check our top picks to find the bralette that’s perfect for you…

1. Busting the myth

You might have been told that if you’re anything above a B cup, you need to shove your breasts into wired bras for support - but that’s simply incorrect.  In fact, wearing wiring daily can cause your breasts to lose tone, as the supporting muscles don’t have to do any work strengthen themselves.

Wire free bras can be every bit as supportive as underwired - no matter your size - providing they’re well-made and quality.  And even though in the past, style options might have been limited, the proliferation of pretty but practical bralettes available today, means you can have both comfort and style.

2. Become a healthier you

There are several health benefits to going wire-free - no skin chaffing or irritation, better breathing due to no chest or ribcage compression, and improved muscle tone.  According to scientists, junking the wires even increases breast tissue’s lymphatic flow, which reduces your risk of breast cancer.

We’ve said bye to moulded cups and awkward wiring because frankly, the female body is amazing, and it deserves to be taken care of.  It shouldn’t be prodded, poked, or contorted into unnatural shapes, by oppressive, constraining corsetry.

3. Express yourself like an Empress

One of the reasons many women stick with wiring is because they’re not confident about their natural figure.  Stuffing your breasts into padded bras, or rigid contraptions might give the girls a lift, but what happens when you take it off?

You don’t need to impress everyone, and let’s face it, do you really care about people that can’t appreciate your body’s natural beauty?

Confidence is essential to being and feeling sexy - and there’s no better way to radiate this quality than to love your figure as it is - not try to change it.

Find the bralette that suits YOUR Goddess style

Ditching wired bras doesn’t have to mean a lack of sex appeal or support.  Whether you’re an active Amazonian who prefers sporty styling, or a luxe loving boudoir Goddess who appreciates decadent details - with our sensual selection, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match.

Decadent and luxe

Decadent Goddesses should check out our Majestic Peacock bralette, made from fine mesh with bespoke peacock embroidery.  Or, consider Madame X - a breath taking premium piece that evokes Marie Antoinette style boudoir glam - minus the restrictive corsetry.

Sporty Amazon

If sporty and natural is more your thing, make like an outdoorsy Amazon and try our amazing Nimbus No 9 bra, made from organic bamboo that’s gentle on skin - and kind to the Mother Earth.  Stretchy and comfortable it will hug your curves to perfection - and its thick straps are ideal if you’re looking for a little extra support when you get active.

Ladylike and Elegant

Romantic and flirtatious?  You’re going to LOVE our delicate Oh, Kiki! bralette and panty set which will bring Parisian vibes to wherever you are.  Or, try out My Fair Daisy, with its gorgeous flower straps and sensual, semi-sheer mesh cups, it’s well-suited to a refined Goddess who enjoys ladylike luxe.

Passionate and sensual

Passionate Goddesses should opt for our Venus bralette in emerald green, with exquisite shell cup detailing and golden shell front closure that’s fit for any Goddess of Love.  Imagine yourself rising from the ocean in this ultimate tribute to feminine sensuality and honour your beautiful body, while feeling sexy from the inside out.

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