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What is a bralette?

A bralette is basically a bra, but without the moulded cups or wires. Just like sports bras, a bralette will hold you in and support you, but has all the added prettiness of your sexiest favourite lace lingerie. Sometimes a bralette looks like a crop-top, and many women opt to wear it as one either as part of an outdoor outfit or for a yoga / sports activity. Bralettes are the perfect option for small to average busted women, however here at Empress Mimi we have developed the S+ size to provide enough support and coverage for those of us blessed with a DD cup and above. 

Bra versus bralette?

As mentioned before, a bra is an undergarment with metal underwires pressed against the soft breast tissue and rib cage. Whilst bras can provide additional lift and support, bralettes have been recognised as both the healthier and far more comfortable option. Whilst most women throw their underwired bras off the moment they come home, a bralette is comfortable enough to wear both for your yoga session and whilst sleeping in bed. Bralettes are likewise favourited by both pregnant women and those who have recently given birth for their comfort levels.

Is it true that bralettes can only be worn by women with small to average breasts?

Here at Empress Mimi we always celebrate womens natural body shapes - our lingerie sets are here to support and enhance, not to remould and completely repress your natural body shape. The claim that bralettes are only for small breasts is just a myth. If you are confident with your body and have no shame about your normal breast shape, you can absolutely wear bralettes even if you have large breasts.

Do you advise wearing a bra under your bralette?

Of course not - not only will this restrict air flow to your breasts, but it will still have the damaging effects of underwires pressing on your soft tissue. Should you feel self- conscious, consider adding inserts such as removable silicone or material inserts - these can provide an extra lift and nipple coverage without the damaging and restricting effects of bra underwires.

How to wear a bralette the Empress way.

The most important rule about how to wear your Empress Mimi bralette is: there are no rules. Some of our Empresses purely use the subscription to seduce and entice their partners in private, others show their latest pieces off at music festivals by wearing the pieces as outerwear, whilst others just enjoy showing off a bralette strap here, or a bit of lace there.

Lingerie brands are typically focused on bralettes that are either comfortable and supportive OR pretty and sexy. Empress Mimi is all about allowing you to have it all in one gorgeous little package. Empress Mimi bra designs are comfortable enough to support you through the day, whilst also beautiful enough that you will want to show them off.

Here are some of the best ways on how to slay your bralette outfits like an Empress:

1. Combined with a Marabou Kimono

Bring out your inner 50s vixen by wearing your favourite Empress Mimi piece with a marabou kimono (even if this little vixen decides to stay in all night and watch Netflix by herself whilst ignoring calls from everyone).

If wearing your marabou robe to be seen, we would recommend combining it with the Honey Bunny bralette set. If you want to give out that cute and flirty vibe, go the extra mile and don those bunny ears. Want to take your relationship to the next level? Up the thrill level with some fluffy handcuffs and a black whip. If you want to simply indulge your inner 50s movie siren, we would suggest throwing your Empress Mimi Little Black Dress over the bralette set. The dainty straps will still be on show, but the Deliveroo delivery boy may at least still be able to walk away with his heart somewhat intact ;)


2. Pair with Mesh Net Shirts

Either OVER or UNDER, there is no wrong way to do this. Choose a bralette with support, comfort, and in a luxurious fabric to really take your outfit to the next level. Use waist-high trousers to create the right proportions and stay classy with your mesh net top and bralette combo. Perfect to wear when you’re out clubbing with friends or out to turn heads on the street. If you’re feeling extra sexy, layer your bralette under a sheer high neck top, don a pencil skirt and underneath it all...a flirty double strapped G-String.

Get your ‘bralette as outerwear’ fix with the midnight Empress set:

3. Let the Soul Sisters Meet

Bralettes and high waist panty sets have been soul sisters from the start. Comfort, support, coverage and elegance all around for those of us who love 50’s shapes made modern or simply want some coverage for the tummy area. This is an example of an ageless combination that is flattering on most body types and makes your derriere look as perky as a peach. This lingerie set combo is perfectly worn under a sheer dress to achieve a Paris Fashion week worthy look or wear the bralette as a top underneath a jacket.

Shop this look now with the Cherry Bomb bralette and high waisted panties lingerie set.

4. Denim Look

Brand new or naturally faded, the denim and bralette combo never gets old. Remind them that you’re an Empress by accessorising with delicate gold jewellery.

5. Use as a bikini top

One of the wonders of the double layered bralette is that you can use it as a bikini top, an exercise bra, or simply a bralette top to lounge around the house in. The duality x infinity bralette makes for a  beach outfit that shouts confidence. Once you are done sunbathing, slip on to your kaftan, wear your sun hat and feel the rush of waves on your feet to truly feel those Empress vibes.

In short, you can wear your bralette set and jewellery in bed, on the beach, at a party, and at casual or  elegant events. Nothing is off limits for this hero item that keeps giving. No more coming home to throw off your uncomfortable bra.  All you need is enough self-love to put your comfort first. 


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