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Soft & Sexy (just like our lingerie)

Soft & Sexy (just like our lingerie)

In celebration of Spring, our 2019 Easter campaign turned the tables on companies such as Victoria's Secret. If their advertising is representative of Hugh Hefner’s dream come true, ours is well…our very own dream come true. We partnered with two actors from History's 'Vikings', Jack McEvoy & Elijah Rowen, to support the cause, whilst also featuring the true stars of the show - our recently adopted bunnies and an adorable puppy.

Now we know what you’re thinking, why would a female lingerie company use two male models to promote their product? But the truth is, women's bodies have been used for decades to promote everything from male boxing matches and cars to beer, so this Spring, we decided to turn the tables.

Sure, Victoria's Secret will give you bombshell models airbrushed to perfection, but we’re creating something for the female gaze. In these times of news feeds occupied by the likes of Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein, what better gift to give than beautiful men holding (dare we say even more) beautiful baby animals?

This campaign will not make you compare your own body to a 6ft tall 18 your old model. This campaign will not make you feel like you need to diet or change yourself in any way. This campaign may however make you want to relax in your finest lingerie and catch the stars of our shoot, Jack McEvoy and Elijah Rowen, on the hit show Vikings, or adopt a rescue pet, but we promise these are all things that will make you feel better, not worse.

More than Puppy Love

At Empress Mimi, we believe that good lingerie and baby animals have a lot in common. They should both be a life-long commitment and not just another 'thing' to be discarded and forgotten the second life gets busy (surprise surprise, it always does).
This is why 10% of all our proceeds from the 20th of April - 20th of May will be donated to an animal charity to help pets in need of a new home.
"Donating part of our profits to help animals in need of a new home seemed like a natural fit for me, not just because of the beautiful work the fluffy co-stars had done, but also because it is exactly charities like these that remind people that pets are for life, and not just a one off purchase"
- Galyna, CEO

We know what women want

(the best things don't always come in small packages)


At Empress Mimi we want to empower you. We want to make lingerie you will never want to take off (even if others may be enticed to do so). Comfy enough to make you feel confident at a big business meeting or a hot date. And beautiful enough to make you feel special even on a rainy day.

As a company with lingerie designed by women for women, our designs have none of the restricting wires, with all of the support. We took out the bits that make you want to throw your bra off the moment you get home and took away the pain of shopping for a bra that fits by delivering the latest styles straight to your door on a monthly basis.

Each Empress box is carefully curated and presented in just the kind of luxurious gift box that reminds you that you deserve to be spoilt, containing everything your heart desires**

**models pictured NOT included

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