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Roll Out the Rainbow Carpet: Assemble Your Avengers of Allyship

Roll Out the Rainbow Carpet: Assemble Your Avengers of Allyship

Roll Out the Rainbow Carpet:
Assemble Your Avengers of Allyship - Dressing for Pride with Flair 

June, the gateway to summer, has donned its most dazzling technicolor dreamcoat yet - it's Pride Month. This year, we're not just painting the town red, we're streaking it with every shade of the rainbow, expressing our jubilant pride from head to toe (and every eyebrow, elbow, and kneecap in between).

At Empress Mimi, we believe that we are all individual masterpieces - wildly different but tied together with the bond of shared humanity. We're all about showing off what makes us unique and celebrating sexual diversity. So this year, instead of just wearing rainbow-themed clothes and accessories, we wanted to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by showing off our individuality through fashion. 

What to wear in a Pride celebration?

The Pride Parade is a celebration of love, but it's also a celebration of individuality.

Even if you’ve never been to a Pride parade, you’ve probably seen pictures and heard stories to imagine it: Rainbow flags of all sizes waving in the wind, cradled by every pair of hands from freckled kiddos to seasoned veterans. Glitter twinkling like constellations across faces, body paint on a kaleidoscopic spree, and makeup rivaling Picasso's portfolio. Strangers entwining arms in unity, weaving a vibrant patchwork of individuality amidst a colorful carnival. Colors everywhere, flags thrown around shoulders to serve as capes, and above all, unity shown through endless individuality.

Pride parades are more than just a way for people who identify as LGBTQ+ to express themselves; they're also open classrooms for those who don't identify as LGBTQ+, those on the periphery to learn, empathize, and support others' experiences. And while many parades focus on celebrating specific identities, they often center around themes like acceptance or love itself—which means that anyone can feel welcome at these events!

Pride is a celebration of all things queer and fabulous, and there's no better way to show your support than by dressing up. But what do you wear?

The only rule for what to wear to a Pride parade is that there are no rules. Slip into whatever ignites your confidence, whistles a joyous tune, and sets you ready to dance to the vibrant symphony of celebration!

Bright and Beautiful

Don't just wear the rainbow—be it.

Pride is all about embracing who you are, and that means wearing whatever you want to wear. Whether you're a die-hard fan of neon green or Barbiecore hot pink to add a little flair to your usual black-and-white ensemble, we believe that the most important part of Pride is expressing yourself and being true to who you are. After all, Pride isn't just about rainbows—it's about making sure everyone is free to be themselves without fear of judgment.

The Madame X Empress Set in Pink and the Madame X Empress Set in Lilac

Infuse a punchy palette of flamingo pink and lavender dreams into your next Pride ensemble with the unabashedly vibrant Madame X collection.

Feathers and Fringes

Whether it's a jacket, shirt, skirt or pants - the addition of feathers and fringes can make any item feel like a parade-worthy statement piece.

The Zazzy Zelda Empress Set in Gold

You'll be the star of your Pride Parade when you show up in our Zazzy Zelda in gold! This piece is the perfect combination of sparkle and shine, with a flapper-inspired silhouette that will make you feel like you're walking on sunshine. This gold stunner is the perfect way to celebrate your pride. It's also a great way to show off your inner disco diva while you march down the street with other proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Honey Bunny panty and bra set with its matching bunny ears and black marabou robe

This year, you don't have to settle for a boring robe. Add flair to your Pride Parade outfit with the playfully feathered Honey Bunny Marabou Robe. Its black colour will add a bit of contrast to the sea of rainbows and its feathery marabou trim will make you feel like the sexiest bunny in the crowd. It's time to hop around! Don't be afraid to let your inner bunny out!

Tactile Textures

@oh_mon_dieu_ in the Midnight Sky Empress Set

When it comes to the fun of a parade, nothing can beat the thrill of seeing all the colors of the rainbow come together. But when everyone is trying to wear every color of the rainbow at once, it can be tough to stand out.

Enter: the allure of texture. From the sultry whisper of appliqués to the audacious twinkle of studded adornments, adding a touch of tactile temptation to your ensemble guarantees a look that won't just catch eyes - it'll beg for a double take!

The Odile Dress

In the spotlight, we have the Odile Dress. Boasting tiered trim and a fabric that bounces with such delightful abandon, it could make a kangaroo jealous. This slip dress offers a sleek black canvas begging for a pop-art infusion or a rainbow splash - perfect for the Pride Parade. Plus, with its enticingly sheer fabric, you've got the perfect excuse to layer sparkly accessories under or over the dress, cranking up the fashion dial to an undeniable "stunning."

The Midnight Sky Empress Set

Turn up the heat of the celebration with the Midnight Sky blue velvet bralette and g-string combo.  This combo promises a smooth transition from daytime dalliance to nocturnal naughtiness, ensuring all gazes are magnetically drawn to you! And if you're aiming for a little extra fabulousity, why not complete your look with our matching choker? It's the perfect accessory for any Pride occasion, be it a sunny parade or a starlit dance-off.

Playful and Magical

We all know there's a playful, whimsical pixie inside of us, just waiting to be let out. And what better time to do it than at Pride?

So go ahead, let yourself shine like the magical creature you are. If you're feeling like a princess, go for it! If you want to be a fairy, we won't judge—we'll just join in and create a circle of kindness around you.

The My Fair Daisy Empress Set

If you want to channel your inner summer Goddess in the celebration, then the My Fair Daisy ensemble is for you. Made from lightweight material, its daisy embellishments make it fun to see, fun to wear and fun to feel.

The Venus panty and bralette set and its matching lace bodysuit

If you're ready to dive into the sea of diversity and make a splash like a siren, pair the intricate lace #MermaidCore inspired Venus set or bodysuit with your choice of skirt or pants.

The Madame X Empress Set in Blue (String Set)

And for those looking to unfurl their inner butterfly Queen, the Madame X corset in a dreamy blue hue, adorned with a butterfly motif, is the perfect homage to the beautiful, wild, and free spirit of the occasion. The world needs more magic right now. Let's send some out into it together.

What's more fun than a celebration of self-love and acceptance? A party! And what better way to celebrate Pride Month than with a party? Whether you're going to an actual event or just hanging out with friends at home, these outfit ideas will show you how to let your style shine as you celebrate being yourself. We hope you'll find a couple of inspirational outfit ideas for your next parade. Celebrate Pride with Pride, Empress! 🌈

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